Q. Is there any cost to participate

A. Think Recycle is offered cost-free to members when recycling Acceptable Products such as all Cell phones, iPads and Laptop computers. Environmental fees may apply when recycling other products.

Q. How much can I earn?

A. We provide you with everything you need to successfully launch, communicate, promote and participate in the program! The rest is up to you. We have some Members raising $50 and others over $5,000!

Q. What is required to being successful?

A. Community engagement is key to your success! Almost everyone has old and unwanted Cell Phones, iPads and Laptops lying around their home and at their workplace. Businesses and institutions have plenty of old electronic and IT equipment to recycle. Remember, the more people who know about your program, the more items you will collect! We provide you with a variety of ready-to-go promotional materials in your Starter Kit and online links, to help you promote the program.

Q. How long can we participate in the program?

A. As long as you want! There’s no time limit for how long you can participate in Think Recycle, there’s no need to renew your partnership, and your participation is considered ongoing unless you notify us otherwise.

Acceptable Products

Q. What are Acceptable Products

A. Acceptable Products are items that earn you money. Think Recycle offers rebates for all Cell phones, Smart phones and Laptop computers. We accept only original HP, Canon, Brother, Dell and Lexmark cartridges. A complete list of Acceptable Items is available by clicking the link above.

Q. What are Other Products?

A. Other products are Items that are not listed as Acceptable Products and do not earn you any funds. In fact, environmental fees are charged back to members accounts for processing Other Products. Examples of Other Products include: ink and toner bottles, printer ribbons, alkaline batteries and all other items not listed as Acceptable Products. 

Sorry, but fair is fair: shipping these items may cost you, as the price to properly recycle these items may come out of your earnings!

Q. What is the difference between ink cartridge and toner cartridge?

A. Ink cartridges contain a liquid ink and are found in personal printers which are commonly used in homes and small offices. They are fairly small and square. Toner cartridges contain a dry ink type of powder and are found in laser printers commonly used with larger work group office environment.

Q. Is the information stored on a devices secure?

A. When a cell phone, tablet, laptop computer or any other data containing device enters our facility it undergoes a process called “data destruction”. During data destruction, any information stored on devices is removed. Any SIM, memory cards and asset tags are also removed and physically destroyed.

Q. Can we recycle accessories?

A. Yes only if they accompany the Acceptable Item.  It is best to send in a complete set (including charger and battery) to earn maximum rebate value

Q. Is your recycling safe?

A. Recycling of electronics is safe when done properly. Our staff members are trained to ISO-14001 Standards. So rest easy – your electronics will be recycled in a safe, responsible manner.

Promotional Material

Q. What is a Think Recycle “Starter Kit”?

A. Your Think Recycle Starter Kit contains valuable tools to launch and run the collection program. Depending on your organization, your Starter Kit can include: guides, posters, leaflets, post cards, news letter templates and etc. 

You can get a Starter Kit by downloading and printing your own promotional materials.

Q. How can we promote the Program?

A. When it comes to promotion, sky‘s is the limit! Here are a few ways for you to grow your program:

  • Reach out to your network of supporters by email (workplaces, businesses, parents, friends, family) and let them know that they can support your cause by donating their unwanted cell phones, smart phones, laptop computers and cartridges.
  • Send out a mass communication email – be sure to ask for Acceptable Products
  • Get creative and make your own posters or use ours and place them in high-traffic areas
  • Include information about the your recycling program in your newsletters
  • Start a Facebook group or join ours!
  • Tweet about your participation on Twitter
  • Hold a contest or offer a small incentive 

If requested, we’ll also send you a Social Media Kit & Tips and Tricks package filled with brilliant ideas and strategies for you to promote your fundraiser to a wider audience.

Think Recycle will also help on Social Media – send us your links and we will “tweet” and post right alongside you!

Shipping Acceptable Products

Q. How should I pack my Items?

A. Pack them safe! Damaged products reduce the value of items. Always remember that scrap paper or bubble wrap is useful to keep your items from moving around and breaking in transit. Printer cartridges should always be kept separate and wrapped in their own plastic bag or better yet packed in their own separate box. Be sure to leave enough space in your box for at least 15 Acceptable Items though!
Other Products are just no fun and environmental fees might take a bite out of your program earnings.

Q. How do I ship my Items?

A. Once you’ve accumulated 15 or more Acceptable Items, go to www.thinkrecycle.com/en/acceptable-items to complete your Shipment Details. This will allow you to view your shipment value and obtain shipping labels. Please note that shipping labels cannot be photocopied or reused.

Pack your box to tip the scale at 40 lbs. Shipping 1 full box is much more efficient than 5 boxes that are half full. So pack tight and make the most of your shipments!

Within 24 hours...of receiving your Shipment Details, Think Recycle member services will email you shipping labels for each box. Be sure that our email is on your "safe list" so that we won’t be marked as spam.

Within 48 hours...be sure to call UPS and schedule a pick up (restrictions apply for rural areas) or drop off at your local UPS store!

If you have not received your label within 24 hours, please let us know as soon as possible so we can fix the problem.

Q. How long does it take to process my shipment?

A. Allow 3 weeks from time of shipment before results are posted to your online account.

Q. How do I know how much my shipment is worth?

You can go to www.thinkrecycle.com/en/acceptable-items to view item values. Add items to your cart and you will know what the total shipment is worth prior to shipping it. If you’ve already shipped your items to Think Recycle, go to www.thinkrecycle.com and login to view My Account. You’ll be able to see a detailed settlement reports, including how much your shipment is worth.

Q. What type of box should I use?

A. We encourage recycling of corrugated boxes whenever possible, however please ensure your boxes are in good condition and strong enough to protect the items from being damaged during shipment.

Q. How many Items are required in each shipment?

A. We ask that each shipment you send contain a minimum of 15 Acceptable Items.  Every cell-phone qualifies so it’s easy to achieve this requirement. Your pre-paid shipping label represents up to 40lbs so pack efficiently and make the most of your shipping foot-print.

Q. Who pays for shipping?

A. Think Recycle pays for shipping by providing pre-paid shipping labels

Q. Can I photocopy my shipping labels?

A. No, you cannot photocopy a shipping label to use on multiple boxes. Each box you send back to Think Recycle needs to have a different shipping label. Each label has a unique tracking number which is used when we post items to your account. If you require additional shipping labels please request a pick up through your online account or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Q. How do I Get Paid?

A. You can request payment anytime once your balance reaches $50 or more. All you have to do is go to www.thinkrecycle.com login to your account and click on “Request Payment” or you can email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . So simple! Please be advised that it can take up to one month to receive your check.

Q. What form of payment?

A. We pay our members by check. We mail our members checks so that they can cash them and use the money for whatever their organization really needs! No points involved!

Q. How much time do I have?

A. We ask that our members request payment for their earnings within one year from when it was first posted to their account. After one year, we refresh the accounts and clear outstanding funds allowing our members to start fresh and set a new goal every year!


Q. What Is Think Recycle Environmental Policy?

A. Think Recycle maintains and continuously improves our comprehensive Environmental Management System to ensure the highest standard of operations while preventing pollution of any kind. As part of this program, we efficiently and effectively identify and resolve any potential environmental hazards associated with our operations. This assures that any product sent to us is safely and responsibly recycled. We follow a strict zero-landfill policy ensuring no product you send to our facility will ever end up in a landfill.