Terms and Conditions

Cell Phones

Every cell phone you send us is guaranteed a minimum of $0.50 rebate and up to a maximum of $350.00 depending on the model and condition. Each shipment must contain a minimum of 15 Cell Phones or $50.00 value per shipment. Please do not ship any additional cell phone acccessories since they are classified as non program material and recycling fees may apply.

A Grade - Good Condition

A Grade Cell Phones have special pricing. Please follow the details at the following link: Click Here.

  • Good physical condition
  • Has no visible cracks or damage to the phone
  • Is fully functional
  • Has battery and charger

B Grade - Broken or Damaged

Rebates on our Acceptable Products list is based on B Grade Phones:

  • Is broken or damaged
  • Does not power up
  • Is not fully functional
  • Missing battery, charger and/or parts

Laptop Computers

Every intact laptops you recycle is guarenteed a minimum $5.00 rebate. Laptops that have any missing components do not qualify for rebates, however they are acceptable for free recycling. Each shipment must contain a minimum of 5 laptops computers per box.


Rebates for ink and toner cartridges are for original cartridges only. Each shipment must contain a minimum of 15 Acceptable Cartridges per box. Cartridge rebates do not apply to damaged, broken, compatible or remanufactured cartridges. These items are subject to recycling fees of $0.50 per ink and $1.00 per toner cartridge.


Rebates on iPod products list reflect undamaged, working iPods only. Undamaged iPods are defined as being able to power-up, possess an undamaged LCD screen and the body is not cracked or otherwise damaged. iPod pricing is subject to change without notice.

Minimums for Shipping

In an effort to safeguard Think Recycle’s environmental commitment, we ask that you also maximize your shipments by packing your boxes to tip the scales at 40 lbs each. Remember to bag printer cartridges separately in the box to avoid leakage during transport. Even better, ship your printer cartridges in a separate recycled box!

Note: To ensure prompt and accurate processing of your shipments, please ensure that your organization’s name, contact name and address is clearly identified on the pre-paid shipping label and that you record your labels’ tracking number(s).

Click here for additional details about shipping

Requesting Payment

Think Recycle requires that all members request payment or “cash-out” their accumulated funds within one year from the time the funds are posted to their account. After one year, unclaimed funds are cleared from the account. Think Recycle requires that you accumulate a minimum of $50.00 (recovery value) in your account before you are eligible to request payment.