Toner Cartridge Details

Like inkjet cartridges, it’s best to ship toner cartridges on their own in order to avoid leakage during transport. 

If you’re combining toner cartridges with other Acceptable Products please be sure that the cartridges are bagged separately. As with inkjet cartridges, feel free to take them out of their individual packing boxes and wrap with newsprint in order to pack more in your shipping box.

Beware of Fakes

Unfortunately, Think Recycle cannot offer a rebate value for damaged or re-manufactured cartridges so it’s important to stay away from re-fill depots. These items will now be subject to a recycling fee of $0.25 per non-reusable Inkjet cartridge and $0.50 per non-reusable toner or laser cartridge, so that they can be recycled in a safe and responsible manner, while adhering to our strict regulations and certifications.

Also, some toner bottles actually look a lot like print cartridges so be careful not to include these given that these items are Unacceptable. 

Photocopiers use toner bottles, so don’t waste your efforts collecting these items; they’re no good.

Sorry if this sounds familiar if you just read the section with respect to inkjet cartridges. We just don’t want you to miss anything or make a mistake!

HINT:  Pharmacy’s, Financial Institutions, Corporate offices, Car Dealerships and Realtor’s offices are a great place to look for Qualifying OEM cartridges! Be sure to stay away from Photocopiers and Depots as they have Toner Bottles of which are not acceptable through our program.

Please Note: Ricoh and Xerox cartridges are not acceptable through our program.