About Us

The Think Recycle program allows members to earn funds by recycling electronics. Members get paid to recycle cell phones, laptops, iPads and cartridges. Think Recycle works with more than 3,000 registered members across Canada and the US. Our members include well known charities, schools, sports teams, clubs, businesses and large enterprises. View a few of our proud Members:

Good for the Environment!

We keep unwanted electronics out of landfills, which is good because they can take hundreds of years to decompose and in the process they contaminate the surrounding air, water and soil. Not good!
When you recycle electronics with Think Recycle, you’re making sure these devices are recycled responsibly!

Good for You!

Think Recycle is good for you because  we make it simple for you to earn money!
You get paid cash rebates on:

  • Recycled Cell phones
  • Recycled Laptop Computers
  • Recycled Cartridges

To view items and rebates click on Acceptable Products

Why members choose to recycle their electronics with Think Recycle?

Member Support

Over 2,000 members across Canada and the United States have successfully met their fundraising goals! Our members get paid for every acceptable Item they collect, not points. And once the money is in your hands, you can use it for whatever you want!

We provide free promotional materials for downloads on our website. We even pay for shipping Acceptable Items to us!

We Accept All Cell Phone and Laptop Models

We reward rebates for every cell phone and laptop computer collected, including Acceptable ink and toner cartridges. We update our Acceptable Items often to ensure you know what items will earn you money.

Hassle-Free Program

Earning money should be simple – which is why we’ve made our program easy! We provide you with everything you need to launch and run a successful program, including promotional materials and live member support.

Online Account

Keeping track of your progress is easy! Just log into your Think Recycle Online Account  to find out how much money you’ve earned, request shipping labels, download promotional materials, and much more!
The best part is our website is always open!

Socially and Environmentally Responsible

Think Recycle follows a strict information security policy, whereby your information is always cleared and wiped from devices. We also have a zero-landfill policy to ensure that nothing you send to us will end up in a landfill. We conduct annually audits to ensure strict environmental compliance.

We like Planting Trees – Over 60,000 planted so far 

By teaming up with Tree Canada and American Forests, we’ve donated funds to have trees planted. Over 60,000 planted since we started in 2003.

Our Roots

When we began in 2001, our focus was to collect spent printer cartridges. Most people simply threw these products into the garbage, not knowing they could be refurbished and re-used.

Today, print consumption is higher than ever, with printers in schools, homes and businesses – leaving millions of cartridges to enter landfills each year. Last year, over 375 million cartridges were consumed in the United States (that’s 11 cartridges per second). And most of these are wasted: only 30% of inkjet cartridges and 50% of toner cartridges are currently being recycled.

The 375 million cartridges used in The United States last year printed at least 225 billion sheets of paper. With each tree creating an average of 8,000 pieces of paper, the cartridges consumed last year removed over 28 million trees from our forests.

28 million is A LOT of trees. We saw that something had to be done. That’s why we began planting trees. As proud as we are of our efforts to plant more trees, clearly there’s much more we can do to help the environment. Your recycling efforts will help tremendously. Thank you!

We have trees everywhere – in our parks, playgrounds, and yards. They’re so commonplace that they’re easy to take for granted. It’s true; most of us don’t realize just how important trees are to our lives and to the environment.

Trees Clean the air we breathe and Produce Oxygen

Breathe deeply: a single mature tree can create enough oxygen for two adults to breathe for a whole year.

Trees Clean Water and Soil

Drink it in: A tree’s roots reach deep into the ground, holding soil in place to fight erosion. Roots absorb and hold rainwater, which prevents pollutants, including pesticides and fertilizers, from seeping into our drinking water.

Trees Reduce the Greenhouse Effect

Throw Away the Key: trees are carbon dioxide prisons, effectively trapping the greenhouse gas in their trunks.

Trees Regulate Climate

Climate control: trees help control the climate by moderating the effects of the sun, rain and wind. A tree’s leaves absorb and filter the sun’s rays to make shade in the summer and keep you warm in winter by blocking wind.

Trees Shelter Wildlife

Home Sweet Home: trees provide home and shelter for thousands of animals and are their main source of protection from the elements.

Money Grows on Trees

If you consider these incredible stats from the Urban Forest Stewardship Network might lead you to think so. They estimate the 50-year value of an urban tree at $162,000 in total ecological goods and services including:

  • $31,250 in Oxygen regeneration
  • $31,250 in Soil erosion control
  • $37,500 in Water recycling
  • $62,000 in Air pollution control

To learn more about tree planting and how you can get involved - in Canada contact Tree Canada, In the US contact American Forests.